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100% Natural & Halal Wholesale Skincare Products

Natural Turkish Soap from Turkey, produces 100% natural and halal soaps. We don’t use any harmful, cancerogen chemicals in our products. We are the biggest wholesale 100% natural soap and skin care product manufacturer in Turkey. With our 25 years of experience and founder Chemical Engineer Mr. Uğur Öztemiz, we make the finest handmade soaps.
With our 25 years of experience we have seen that there are 4 most important properties in natural soap that consumers look for;

As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, a good visualisation is one of the most decisive factors in natural soap and skincare products. We know this well and make our every product look as they never go out of fashion.

As our founder Mr. Ugur Oztemiz said “Soap goes directly to the nose”, The first thing we all do with a soap is, to smell it. Every time. We make the most remarkable and strong smelling soap in Turkey.

Natural Turkish Soap Company is seeking for stronger and more remarkable scents for 25 years, with our R&D specialist chemists.

Our natural soaps nourishes and moisturizes the skin ultimately. This wellbeing effects comes from the purest oils from vegetables (natural essential oils). Every natural oil in our products has been selected carefully. In Natural Turkish Soap, our soaps are made by cold process (CP) technique. Since there are no processes such as heat treatment, oil boiling, etc. there wont be any change or degeneration in the structure of our essential oils.

Natural Turkish Soap Company, as a wholesale supplier, we know that price is as much important as quality for our valuable customers, our partners. Our production processes is being optimized more and more everyday for lower prices, without sacrificing product quality.

%100 Natural & Halal Certificated Soap

All of our products are coming from Turkey and Halal certificated. You can use our products without any hesitation. We dont use any kind of harmful & artificial chemicals, alcohol and synthetic essences in our products. All of our products are handmade. Rather than all the other products in market described as natural, whose raw materials are coming from Malaysia and includes many dangerous chemicals. They include many chemicals which can be cangerogen, harmful to your skin and dangerous to health. Real natural soap must be Cold Process and Handmade.
Link => See the harmful chemicals which we dont use

Optimized Formula & Natural Ingredients

The absence of a powdery residue, dusting and whitening in the upper parts of our soaps, shows that the formulas used are optimized for production. To be more spefically the ratio between NaOH and natural oils are perfect. Therefore, you dont feel any “dry skin” or “eye burning” which are the main problems normally mentioned by people using soaps.

Our natural soaps are made by the purest oils from vegetables. We use Cold Process method in manufacturing. In traditional methods, natural soap’s temperature goes up to 80-90°C which causes the natural oils’ in the soap losing its effect. By this method, natural oils’ healing effects are preserved in soap because there are no high temperatures in the process.

The founder and leader of our family company, Chemical Engineer Mr. Ugur Öztemiz’s career is mostly about the production of natural soap, detergent, cleaning agents and skin care products both in Turkey and abroad. He has been studied in many projects under this areas.