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100% Natural & Halal Wholesale Skincare Products

What Makes Natural Turkish Soap Different

Our products are halal and manufactured with responsibility of Chemical Engineering. Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of using “natural” products. therefore we as the Natural Turkish Soap can easily use the phrase “%100 natural
Our products do not contain Alcohol, SLS, propylene glycol, petroleum products, E.D.T.A, parabens, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances and carcinogenic chemical preservatives. These harmful chemicals contact with our skin and can be absorbed over time.
Those harmful chemicals aren’t excreted from the body and accumulates. Overtime, this accumulation can trigger serious diseases, including cancer. There are no synthetic chemicals or colorants in our products, only natural root colorants and essential colors coming from vegetable oils is used for coloring our products.
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Our Products Are 100% Halal

All of our products are coming from Turkey and 100% Halal certificated. You can use our products without any hesitation.

Top Quality Natural & Organic Soaps

Unlike many fabricated soaps on the market, our natural soaps are made from the highest quality natural ingredients and will be so kind to your skin. And most importantly, they do not contain chemical additives.

In Natural Turkish Soap, our soaps are made by cold process (CP) technique. Since there are no processes such as heat treatment, oil boiling, etc. there wont be any change or degeneration in the structure of our essential oils.

Even the spring waters in our products, have been carefully selected. We ensure that there is no chemical impurity in the water. Also we control the pH of the water which we use.
Water should not be disregarded as it is by far the largest input in the production of natural soap!

Natural Products, Healthy Generations

We are not an ordinary natural skincare product manufacturer. As Natural Turkish Soap, our mission is emphasizing the importance of using natural products to create healthy generations. Our primary mission is to preserve natural production cycle which we are using to produce our soaps and skincare products and to raise awareness on staying natural. According to researches, in next 20 years, intensive chemical and carcinogen exposure will effect the populations health status negatively. To put an end to this, we are informing the society.

R&D With 25 Years of Experience

Natural Turkish Soap constantly follows the technological developments and innovations to increase production quality. Mr. Ugur Oztemiz, the founder of this concept, is a chemical engineer experienced in soap and skincare products. The founder and leader of our family company, Mr. Ugur Öztemiz worked and still works on production of natural soap, detergent, cleaning agents and skin care products both in Turkey and abroad throughout his career. He worked on countless projects on those areas.