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Natural Makeup Remover Soap



Lately, there is an increasing trend of Natural makeup remover usage. Makeup remover tonics can can contain some variety of chemicals that removes the makeup, even the waterproof ones, but these chemials can do extreme harm to our skin.

Natural Makeup Remover Soap With Powerful Moisturising Effect

Natural Turkish makeup remover soap is carefully developed from special blend oils and vegetable mixtures, by chemical engineers and chemists. Contains aloevera gel, cucumber milk and almond milk and shea butter. Removes even the waterproof makeups and naturally moisturises your skin.

Our makeup remover soap not only cleans makeup residues, it also balances the condition of oil in oily skin. The curing effect on spotty, tired and worn skin is quite high. It also relieves burning and spillage on the skin. Gives skin elasticity. Wholesale Makeup Remover Soap