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Natural Olive Oil Soap



About Natural Olive Oil Soap

Natural olive oil soap has been the most preferred soap for centuries due to its magnificent moisturizing and cleaning properties. Its intensive vitamin E and antioxidant properties nourish the skin and antiaging effects has become a myth. Olive oil is vitamin E rich, which restorates, nourishes and improves elasticity of skin. For this reason, it has been very special for centuries and still maintains its special place.

What is the Difference of Natural Turkish Olive Oil Soap?

Soaps made using only olive oil provide many benefits to the skin, but cannot provide a creamy foam. For this reason, as Natura Soap, we enrich our soap with extra oils such as sheabutter, coconut oil and almond oil which helps to create a creamy and lasting foam.

What are the Benefits of Olive Oil Soap to the Skin?

Olive oil soap contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta carotene which are healthy in the skin, stimulates the formation of new cells, slows the progression of wrinkles, and makes the skin look younger.

With the shea butter’s magnificent scent, this fragrant olive oil soap, provides a nice creamy foam and wonderful cleansing in the shower or bathtub, helps to create a soft cottony skin.

What do we use in our olive oil soap, is it really natural and halal?

The main ingredient of this soap is spring water, sodium hydroxide and extra virgin olive oil.

Unlike some so-called natural soaps on the market, we do not use any artificial coloring, synthetic odor, preservatives or other chemical additives.

All of our products are 100% Halal

Many soaps sold under the name of natural Turkish soap on the market are made entirely by cursory methods, the oils in it are unqualified oils. In addition, some soaps, due to the high price of olive oil, does not contain olive oil. İnstead, they contain synthetic smell and color. To choose a good natural soap:

  • The quality and amount of the natural oil in it is very important.
  • The methods during production and follow ups are very important. (Cold process, drying methods)
  • It is very important for your health that soap does not contain SLS, soap noodles, cheap synthetic color and odor.