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100% Natural & Halal Wholesale Skincare Products

Natural Turkish Goat Milk Soap



Benefits of Natural Goat Milk Soap to Skin

Goat milk, one of the most valuable milk after human milk has been used in skin care products for many years. This soap is suitable for almost all skin types. Our wholesale natural goat milk soap contains 20% goat milk, making it a valuable soap.

  • Goat milk is a natural anticeptic. Therefore its highly recommended for fungus, egzama and pimple problems with natural Turkish soap
  • It is skin friendly due to its high content of protein. It also contains vitamins A and E.
  • By the alpha-hydroxy acids in natural goat milk, this soap has a great ability to clean the blackheads and revitalizing the skin.

Benefits of Natural Goat Milk Soap to Hair

The natural goat milk soap has ability to give natural moisture feeling to your hair and revitalizes worn hair, with an advantage of eliminating itching. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Vitamins in Natural Goat Milk Soap

Our soap contains 100 % natural wholesale goat milk and rich by vitamin A and vitamin E.